Sexism is a 2 way street

Dear lady feminists,

When making an argument about how something is sexist–stereotypical of women–do you ever consider the flipside of how that same statement can be sexist–stereotypical of men?


e.g. Our video games are often about a bad guy kidnapping a woman and a man hero saving her.

Well, what about wording it like this? Our video games are often about a pervy man-figure unable to control his primitive desires for sex, kidnapping someone merely because he finds her attractive. Another man, in hopes to win her love and lust, rescues her from the evil villain.

e.g. #2 Women aren’t taken seriously in politics, and there’s this notion (among men) that their emotions will get in the way of their jobs!

Well, who isn’t taking them seriously? Men? So what about…
Men are naive beings who have their big egos let them believe they are superior to women, and can do a better job running things and therefore take only other men seriously in a position in office.

What I’m trying to demonstrate is that every statement I hear that states “men think this about women” tells me just as much about your feelings on men as men’s feelings on women.

To this type of feminist, men at the very least:
are egotistical,
are naive,
are sexually barbaric,
lack self control

Think about why it is people generally cringe if a man crouches down to talk to their kid in a supermarket, but not if a woman does the same thing. The street of sexism in our culture runs 2 ways. And frankly, I’m just as offended as the rest of you. Let’s keep things in perspective and work on our goal for equality among mankind, regardless of gender. 

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