In regards to privacy and the new Xbox One

I think we should focus less on trying to force products to be built to protect our privacy and focus more on teaching people how to protect their own privacy. You don’t want the new Xbox to listen for your voice? Unplug it. Switch it off (even if the system doesn’t let you, I know pretty damn well that you can get a power cord or surge protector that will let you).

Also, maybe we shouldn’t allow things you do in private, whether your Xbox knows about it or not, to be used against you in court, or the workplace, or anywhere really (given you aren’t hurting anybody, e.g. beating family members, building a nuclear device, etc.)

I think the reason people get all excited and upset about products that ‘listen’ to them is because they are fearful of what these products will learn. Let’s create a society where people don’t need to be fearful of that. What these products can learn might very well be the push we need to really start understanding the human mind.

Just don’t buy the new Xbox if you don’t want a smart device that listens to your voice, movements, and emotions. If you want to add your living room to the list of things that don’t listen to you, you know, in addition to “your SO” and “your children”, then so be it. That’s your prerogative. But, by forcing such devices to be ‘opt in’, you’re greatly limiting what we can learn about the way people think.

This is just another example of me not understanding the world I live in.


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